God, Country, Family
The American Dream

United States Veteran / Law Enforcement Officer Owned Business

law enforcement officer owned business

Skull Crush ® is based in Fort Worth, Texas. The founder comes from a military and law enforcement background. We started in 2008. Despite an uncertain economy, our company has managed to thrive thanks to the many referrals from our loyal customers. We do little advertising and the quality of our product speaks for itself.

We make a great effort to stimulate our own economy by sourcing parts, materials, and labor within the United States whenever possible. In addition to Skull Crush brand products, we also sell other superior quality firearms products made in Texas. We are an authorized dealer for Lantac, CMC Triggers, and Frog Lube.

All Skull Crush helmets were designed in the U.S.A. Our non-DOT carbon fiber line is 100% made in the U.S.A. However, our DOT Vintage line is manufactured overseas with strict quality assurance guidelines and procedures. All custom paint work (both DOT and non-DOT) is done in Fort Worth, Texas.

We believe in God, Country, Family, and the American Dream.