Skull Crush Helmets


The first Skull Crusher half helmet prototype was reverse engineered from a standard military issue Kevlar combat helmet. The combat components were further engineered, evolved ,and adapted for universal civilian use. 

Carbon fiber was introduced in the Kevlar weave to lesson the weight and further compliment it’s strength and integrity capabilities. The exterior was shaped precisely to be the most aerodynamic half shell anywhere in the world. The original combat nylon / leather interior was upgraded with a NASA worthy interior called Ensolite, to absorb and dissipate, rather than transfer energy.

It is our unwavering mission to continue the quality superiority in our Carbon Fiber / Kevlar helmets by completely sourcing all parts, materials, and components, from within the United States. An enormous amount of attention to detail is invested into all of our products. Helmet quality of this level can only be achieved by human hands. Each and every Carbon Fiber / Kevlar helmet is 100% handcrafted in the USA.