Skull Crush Helmets

Are you looking for a lightweight motorcycle helmet?

Are you looking for a low-profile helmet?

Are you tired of wearing a gigantic helmet that make you look ridiculous?

Are you tired of cheaply made plastic helmets?

Then look no further. Your at the right place!

From the first moment you pick up a Skull Crush helmet, not only will you see, but you will instantly feel what a truly superior quality motorcycle helmet is supposed to be. Memories of any other helmets will immediately fade in comparison to the fine specimen you hold in your hands. After you have marveled over the masterpiece we call custom paint, trying it on will give you new idea of helmet comfort. We take helmet comfort to a whole new level. Our DOT Vintage helmets are fitted with diamond-pleated suede and our non-DOT carbon fiber helmets have a moisture resistant memory foam. 

Every single inch of a Skull Crush helmet was carefully pre-designed and manufactured with aircraft like tolerances. Only the finest parts and modern materials are used in our helmets.

Skull Crush is an online store based out of Northeast Texas. We ship worldwide.