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U.S. Military Style

$ 200.00

Brand Skull Crush Inc.

Military Style Motorcycle Helmets

Military Style Helmet

The U.S. Military Style helmet is a replica of the trooper helmet which is standard military issue. This is not a full Kevlar military helmet. This is a universal use helmet with a memory foam interior.

Approximate weight: 1.5 pounds, depending on size.

Shell Material: 50% Carbon Fiber / 50% Kevlar. 

Lead Time

Each carbon fiber helmet is 100% handmade to order. This helmet is manufactured in the United States and takes no less than 3 - 4 months to manufacture and ship. DO NOT ORDER IF THE WAIT TIME IS A PROBLEM FOR YOU! Quality is our first priority and we will not rush any helmet, for any reason. Calling or emailing to "check on your helmet" will not get your helmet completed any sooner. We promise, this helmet is worth the wait. Anyone who owns a Skull Crush helmet will tell you the same.

DOT or non-DOT?

Regardless of the premium materials used in this helmet, this is an extremely low-profile helmet and is non-DOT.

Colors Options

  • Tactical Black (solid black with a durable textured finish)
  • Clear Gloss (shiny clear coat over carbon fiber/kevlar)
  • Clear Matte (dull finish over carbon fiber/kevlar)
  • Candy Black (similar to clear gloss but darker)
  • Toxic Green (dark green candy paint over carbon fiber/kevlar)
  • Desert Sand (textured military tan)

How to Clean Your Skull Crush Helmet



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