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Traditional Polo

$ 200.00

Brand Skull Crush Inc.

The Traditional Polo is has the traditional shape, but there is nothing traditional about the strength of it's construction. We embraced the tradition and beauty of the classic polo style, then integrated the type of innovation that Skull Crush is known for.

Shell Composition

Each Skull Crush Polo is made of a 50/50 ballistic blend of two materials that have the highest to strength to weight ratio available,  Kevlar and Carbon Fiber.


The interior is lined with a moisture resistant memory foam called Ensolite. Ensolite is used by NASA to protect crucial parts and components in space vessels. Ensile memory foam has a unique ability to dissipate shock, rather than transfer it.


The straps are made of a heavy gauge, high strength, nylon that exceeds automotive grade seatbelt nylon.

Securing Sytem

The strap securing system is a Military Spec Quick Release buckle. This is the high strength polymer buckle seen on military packs and mountain climbing gear. If you prefer, we can install steel D-rings upon your request.


An enormous amount of attention to detail goes into every Skull Crush Polo helmet. A truly superior quality helmet can only be made by practiced human hands. Each carbon fiber helmet is 100% handmade to order.

Lead Time

Each carbon fiber helmet is 100% handmade to order. This helmet is manufactured in the United States and takes no less than 3 MONTHS to manufacture and ship. DO NOT ORDER IF THE WAIT TIME IS A PROBLEM FOR YOU! Quality is our first priority and we will not rush any helmet, for any reason. Calling or emailing to "check on your helmet" will not get it any sooner. We promise, this helmet is worth the wait. Anyone who owns a Skull Crush helmet will tell you the same. Skull Crush helmets are the pinnacle of perfection

DOT or non-DOT?

Regardless of the premium materials used in this helmet, this is an extremely low-profile helmet and is non-DOT.

 Helmet Maintenance Tutorial



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