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The Three-Quarter

$ 272.00

Brand Skull Crush Inc.

American Made Strength

The Skull Crush Carbon Fiber 3/4 helmet is a very low-profile, lightweight, universal use helmet. It features a one size fits all shell with three sets of memory foam size pads to customize your fit. It sits just on top of your skull and does not create the martian head look commonly associated with 3/4 style helmets. Each carbon fiber 3/4 helmet is made to order, one at a time, in the U.S.A. 

DOT or non-DOT?

Regardless of the premium materials used in this helmet, this is an extremely low-profile helmet and is non-DOT.

Lead Time

The Three-Quarter carbon fiber helmet is 100% handmade to order. This helmet is manufactured in the United States. The current wait time is approximately 6 months to manufacture and ship. DO NOT ORDER IF THE WAIT IS GOING TO BE A PROBLEM FOR YOU. Quality is our first priority and we will not rush any helmet, for any reason. Calling or emailing to "check on your helmet" will not get your helmet completed any sooner. We promise, this helmet is worth the wait. Anyone who owns a Skull Crush helmet will tell you the same.


Clear $272

Tactical Black $282

Matte Clear $292

Custom Metal Flake & Candy Colors $325 (contact us after ordering)


Contact us before ordering for custom colors such as candy and or flake jobs. Keep in mind returns and exchanges are not accepted on custom colors. All sales are final on custom colors.

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