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$ 1,079.99

Brand Sig Sauer

How Does it Shoot?

    The MK25 has the heft and grip ergonomics to easily stay on target during double tap or rapid fire drills. It has virtually no muzzle flip when held properly. Although the MK25 was built for battle, it helps new shooters build confidence because of it's soft recoil, phenomenal accuracy. In other words, its easy to hot your target with an MK25. 

About the Sights

    The MK25 comes perfectly zeroed at 15 yards. A six o'clock hold is perfect on this handgun which is great for target evaluation after the shot goes off. It's always nice to see if you hit the bullseye without having to go back to the low-ready position. Sig night sights have always been durable. They strong enough for one handed slide manipulations against the heel of your shoe or any hard surface during an emergency scenarios. Based on older P226's, the tritium lasts about 10 years before the even start to dim. They are great in the daytime and equally usable in low light.

The Grips

    Like all P226's, the MK25 melts right into your hand. After shooting for a while, it seems to become an extension of your own body. Everything about the way this pistol shoots and feels is totally natural. Sig Sauer is in a class of their own when it comes to P226 ergonomics.

Concealed Carry of the MK25

    The MK25 is not a small handgun but, can be carried comfortably with the right holster. We recommend a low-profile OWB holster carried at the 3 or 9 o'clock position. You will also need a thick, sturdy, leather belt specifically designed for carrying a gun. The combination of a proper gun belt and low-profile holster is essential for comfort and total concealment when carrying a P226 pistol.

Field Strip and Cleaning the MK25

    The MK25 breaks down quickly and easily. Simply lock the slide back, push the large lever on the left hand side down, release the slide lock and let the slide come off. Then remove the barrel, and the guide rod, and spring. Clean it all up and your done. When you field strip the MK25 you will notice every single part is perfectly machined. No sharp edges. No machine marks. All parts are smooth and solid. The MK is built like a tank, inside and out.


    It doesn't matter if you are buying the Sig Sauer MK25 as a collector piece, a range toy, for concealed carry, or for duty purposes. The MK25 is sure to make you feel good about your purchase. This gun is definitely a keeper and something you can pass down for your future generations.

Benefits of Ordering the MK25 at Skull Crush

    The fact is the MK25 is never in stock. As soon as they come in, they go right out the door. When you place an order for the MK25 at Skull Crush it is considered a pre-paid backorder. We work diligently with the manufacturer to get you an updated ETA when an ETA is available. When your gun comes in, we reward you for your patience. Here's what you get with your Sig Sauer MK25;
  1. A free Skull Crush shirt
  2. A free Skull Crush moral patch
  3. A free Skull Crush draw string back (great for mag or ammo dump pouch)
  4. Skull Crush decals
  5. Free Shipping to your FFL

Sig Sauer MK25 Specifications:

  •  FAMILY: P226 Series
  •  MODEL: P226 MK25
  •  TYPE: Semi-Auto Pistol
  •  ACTION: Double / Single Action
  •  FINISH: Flat Dark Earth
  •  STOCK/GRIPS: Black Polymer Factory Grips
  •  CAPACITY: 15+1
  •  # OF MAGS: 3
  •  MAGAZINE DESC: 15 rd
  •  BARREL: 4.4
  • SIGHTS: SIGLITE Night Sights
  •  ADDL INFO: UID Identification Label
  •  ADDL INFO: Anti-Corrosion Coatings-cntrls
  •  ADDL INFO: Anchor Engraved

IMPORTANT: Be sure to print out the FFL Transfer Form when purchasing a firearm.