Shockwave 100 (3 Pk)

Shockwave 100 (3 Pk)

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Want the best mechanical broadhead that uses an o-ring to hold the blades closed during flight? The Shockwaves give you all the quality, sharpness and durability of an N.A.P. mechanical broadhead at an economical price. Shockwaves fly like a field point - GUARANTEED! The Tri-vex point cuts on contact for more penetrating power and the 0.030" stainless steel blades make Shockwave strong.


- Field Point accuracy
- Cut on contact
- Stainless steel blades


- Broadhead Type: Mechanical
- Number of Blades: 3
- Weight 100 Grains
- Cutting Diameter: 1-1/4"
- Ferrule Material: Aluminum
- Replaceable Blades: Yes
- Quantity: 3 Pack