Practical Taiji Sword-30"

Practical Taiji Sword-30"

The Practical Taiji (Tai Chi) series from CAS Hanwei has been developed in response to many requests for a quality Taiji sword for everyday practice. Featuring a steel guard and pommel the swords are correctly balanced and the the un-edged blades are crafted in fully tempered high-carbon steel. The flattened-diamond blade section produces a blade that is moderately stiff, while still allowing for some flexibility.


- Designed for the T'ai Chi practitioner
- Fully tempered high-carbon steel blade
- Scabbard included


- Overall length: 36 1/2"
- Blade length: 30"
- Handle length: 6 1/2"
- Weight: 1lb 6oz
- Point of Balance: 4"
- Width at Guard: 1.09"
- Width at Tip: .75"
- Thickness at Guard: .21"
- Thickness at Tip: .11"
- Box height: 41"
- Box width: 4 1/4"