OWB Holster for Sig Sauer P229 Legion with a Romeo 1 Optic

P229 Legion RX OWB Holster/ 3.9" barrel

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This holster is specifically molded for the Sig Sauer P229 Legion RX  with a Romeo 1 Optic, suppressor height sights, and a 3.9 inch barrel.

Leather Interior

It has a leather interior that will protect the finish of your Sig Sauer P229 Legion with a Romeo 1 Optic. This holster is also cut to accommodate suppressor height sights (incase you decide to add taller sights for co-witness, later). The leather provides a completely silent draw as well as re-holster. This attribute can be very useful in certain situations were you must maintain stealth and the element of surprise.

As with all Skull Crush holsters, this P229 Legion RX holster is extremely low-profile. It holds the P229 close to the body for perfect concealment, even when wearing a simple t-shirt. The IWB design makes it a pleasure to carry the Sig P229 Legion all day long. 


All Skull Crush holsters are handcrafted in Texas. They are made in first come first serve order. Only available in black. The wait time is no less than 2 months. An enormous amount of attention to detail goes into each and every holster. We cannot make any changes to an order after it ha been placed. We cannot process cancellations on custom made items such as this holster. The purchaser agrees to this disclaimer by placing an order.


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