Red Carbon Fiber Holster for VP9SK
Carbon Fiber OWB Holster for VP9SK
back of Carbon Fiber OWB Holster for VP9SK
Red Carbon Fiber Holster for VP9SK
Red Carbon Fiber Holster for VP9SK
Red Carbon Fiber Holster for VP9SK
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FDE Carbon Fiber Holster for Heckler and Koch VP9SK
FDE Carbon Fiber OWB Holster for Heckler and Koch VP9SK

OWB Holster for HK VP9SK / Leather and Kydex

Regular price $ 125.00


This holster was specifically molded for the new HK VP9SK. Unlike trational full Kydex holsters, this one will not scratch up your gun. The leather interior keeps your pistol looking new, much longer, while keeping all the benefits of a Kydex outer shell. The leather interior provides for a smooth and silent draw. In some situations stealth and speed could be a priority.  


This is a very low-profile, durable holster. This keeps the VP9SK completely flush against your body. The carry angle can be easily adjusted with an allen wrench (included). You can comfortably carry your VP9SK in this holster all day, sitting, standing, or walking. Unlike other designs, this holster will never cause the VP9SK to dig into your side while driving. 


This holster aligns perfectly with the side of your body and will not protrude. It will not print on your shirt. You'll feel like your VP9SK is almost part of your body, in the most comfortable way. Even when wearing a tapered, or smaller shirt, this holster fits slim and trim. You will never alert anyone to the fact that you are packing serious heat!

Open Carry

If you are lucky enough to be in an open carry state, this holster functions equally well and looks great. Especially when wearing business casual attire, this holster will fit nice, neat, and right up against your side. No slop or droop. If you want to make an impression of being sharp, clean, and totally squared away, this holster if for you.


This is not a budget friendly holster, however the additional cost is well worth preserving your weapon. Why not spend a little extra money now, and maintain the look of your gun for many more years. You will be preventing expensive refinishing or coating costs down the road. You've worked hard to earn your VP9SK. You deserve to be comfortable wearing it.

If you care about the way your VP9SK looks and care about concealed carry comfort, this is the holster for you! 

    Single VP9SK Magazine Holster sold separately.


    This holster is handcrafted, one at a time, in Texas. It takes no less than 2 months to make and ship. WE WILL NOT RESPOND TO STATUS CHECKS UNLESS IT HAS BEEN OVER 8 WEEKS. After you submit your order, we cannot make any changes whatsoever. You must choose your options carefully. All sales are final. The purchaser agrees to this disclaimer by placing an order.

    Watch our video below to see exactly how even a full size VP9 conceals easily on a person.

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