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OWB Holster for HK P30SK / Leather and Kydex

$ 129.00

Brand Garrett

This holster was specifically molded for the HK P30SK. Unlike trational full Kydex holsters, this one will not scratch up your gun. The leather interior keeps your pistol looking new, much longer, while keeping all the benefits of a Kydex outer shell. Each holster is specifically molded for your exact handgun. 

This is not a budget friendly holster, however the additional cost is well worth preserving your weapon. Why not spend a little extra money now, and maintain the look of your gun for many more years. You will be preventing expensive refinishing or coating costs down the road.

This is a very low-profile, durable holster. This keeps the P30SK completely flush against your body.

If you care about the way your P30SK looks and care about concealed carry comfort, this is the holster for you!

Handmade in Texas. Takes approximately two weeks to make and ship.