OpnTp1871LMw/NvyGrpBrssBS/TG 38Spl7.5"6rd

OpnTp1871LMw/NvyGrpBrssBS/TG 38Spl7.5"6rd

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Although it appears to be a conversion, the model 1872 Open Top was Colt's first revolver specifically manufactured to fire a cartridge. Since Colt did not use percussion revolver parts, the revolver was manufactured as an entirely new model, first with Navy-sized grips, later with Army-sized grips. All come standard with case-hardened frame and blue barrel finish. Nickel finish frame and barrel are available; add N00 to model number.


- Navy grip. Backstrap and trigger guard are brass


- Version: Standard Edition
- Caliber: .38 Special
- Barrel Length: 7 1/2" Round
- Capacity: 6 Rounds
- Grip Finish: Walnut
- Front Sight: Blade
- Rear Sight: Back of Barrel
- Length: 13.30"
- Weight: 2.51 lbs
- Finish: Blued Finish with Case Hardened Frame