Micro Green Dot Sight w/Ak Top Covr Mount

Micro Green Dot Sight w/Ak Top Covr Mount

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This innovative AK Micro Green Dot Reflex Sight With Top Rail AKM Receiver Cover allows you to mount varoius types of optics onto your AKM type rifles. The rear pad of this AK Micro Dot Rail cover allow you to mount the included Green Micro Dot Reflex Sight directly to the rail cover as low as possible, to allow co-witnessing the Micro Dot reflex Sight to your AK rifles Iron Sights. This AK Micro Dot Rail cover is designed to fit most AKM rifle variants (with stamped sheet metal receivers), and replaces the existing factory AKM dust cover.

This Ncstar Reflex Sight is a tubeless design, giving the shooter a much wider field of view. This allows the shooter to acquire their targets faster and makes shooting at moving targets easier. The Reflex Sight has sensor that detects the ambient light level and automatically adjusts the green dot to a brightness level that is appropriate for the lighting condition.

This Reflex sight is factory designed to be parallax free 40 yards and beyond. This ensures that the parallax related aiming errors are minimized at 40 yards and longer distances. This Reflex Sight has no On/Off Switch. When the sight cover is placed onto the sight, the Reflex sight will power down, when you remove the sight cover it powers up.


- Green Micro Dot Reflex Sight
- Compact Reflex Sight
- Auto Brightness On / Off
- Magnification: 1X
- Objective Dia (Mm): 1X25
- Reticle: Green Dot
- Dot Size: 2 Moa
- Click Val: 1 Moa
- Exterior Finish: Black
- Sight Body Made Aluminum
- Lens Coating: Ruby or Green
- Limited Lifetime Warranty
- AKM Receiver Cover
- Finish: Anodized Black
- Rail Made From Hard Anodized Aluminum
- Cover Made From Steel