KPOS Gen2 Pathfinder Kit for Glock 21

KPOS Gen2 Pathfinder Kit for Glock 21

The Pathfinder KPOS Generation 2 PDW Conversion - Turn your Handgun into a Rock Solid Personal Defense Weapon with the upgraded KPOS G2


- Frame is One Solid Piece of Aluminum 6061, T6 Anodized
- Sleek Design Easy to Conceal - a Must for Undercover Units and Personnel
- Simple Charging Similar to AR15 Style Handle
- This makes it Ambidextrous
- Charging/Cocking Mechanism is Built into the Frame
- No Special Assembly or Handgun Modification Whatsoever
- Quick Installation
- Assembly Does Not Require Laying Down on a Table, May Assemble in Hands
- Folding tube Easily Adjusts
- Foam cover on stabilizer tube for comfort.
- Full Length Upper Rail
- Side Rails are One Piece with the Lower Rail and Cannot be Removed, Making it More Solid and Accurate
- Back Holding Plate (spring box) Can Not Be Removed from the Frame (prevents loss)
- Front Flash Hider is Removable for Silencer/Suppressor- Assembles with Only One Bolt
- Weighs less than any other conversion on the market
- Includes FRBS Folding Sights
- Includes VTS tactical support (handstop)
- Includes tactical bungee sling


- Fits: Compatible with Glock 20 and 21
- Length: 15.50"
- Length (Open / Deployed): 22"
- Width: 2.375"
- Weight: 2 lbs 2.2 oz
- Finish: Black