Isotope Clear H2MAX AF
Isotope Clear H2MAX AF
Isotope Clear H2MAX AF

Isotope Clear H2MAX AF

Pyramex Isotope Clear H2MAX Anti-Fog Lens with Black Frame


- Dielectric
- Interchangeable temples and neoprene strap
- Temples adjust to three different lengths
- Wrap-around lens provides excellent side protection
- Dual frame design features a rubber gasket for a comfortable fit while protecting from splash and dust
- Rubber gasket forms a trough that channels liquids away from the face
- Scratch resistant polycarbonate lens provides 99% UVA/B/C protection

Lens Technology:

Clear Lens: General purposes for indoor applications that require impact protection

- Visible Light Transmitted (380-780nm): 96%
- UVA, UVB Blocked (200-380nm): 100%
- Blue Light Blocked (400-700nm): 9%
- IR Blocked (780-2000nm): 18%


- Bridge: 11.7mm
- Closest Point Between Lens: 13mm
- Closest Point Between Temple Tips: 65mm (spectacle) 137mm (goggle)
- Lens Base: 9.5 Curve
- Lens Size Diagonal: 74.7mm
- Lens Size Vertical: 45mm
- Lens Thickness: 2.3mm
- Overall Length (Lens-Tip): 163-173mm (spectacle) 73mm (goggle)
- Overall Width (Hinge-Hinge): 134mm
- PD: 64mm
- Weight: 41gm (spectacle) 40.68gm (goggle)