Greg Hackney's Zero,Coppertruese
Greg Hackney's Zero,Coppertruese

Greg Hackney's Zero,Coppertruese

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This is an incredible lure. Just put it in front of a bass and he is going to hit it. “You won’t “0” with a Zero” It is heavily salt impregnated for a fast sink rate and the flexiblility and floatation properties of the material gives it more action than similar plastic baits on the market. The durability makes it even better! You can catch more fish on these versus plastic baits.

It can be fished about any way you want to fish a soft bait; Texas rigged, Carolina Rigged, weightless, wacky style, drop shot, you name it. One of the most effective ways is weightless rigged Texas or wacky style. This lure has a “shimmy” or wiggle when it falls on a slack line that is tantalizing to any fish
ZERO that sees it. Vary your sink rate by the size of hook and consider fluorocarbon line.


- Body Length: 5"
- Running Depth: Variable
- Color: Coppertruese
- Quantity: Package of 6