Ginger & Sesame Bisquettes 48-Pack

Ginger & Sesame Bisquettes 48-Pack

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The Ginger Sesame Bisquettes will add bold flavor to your next smoked meal. Bradley has paired strong mesquite bisquettes with the rich flavors of sesame and ginger, to create an amazing smoked flavor like no other. Add a big bold flavor the next time you prepare beef, vegetables, duck, or lamb.


- Ginger and Sesame pair perfectly with the strong earthy flavor from mesquite
- Burn once every 20 minutes in your Bradley Smoker
- Burn only to the charcoal stage to help keep tar and resin in the wood and not on your food.
- Each pack contains 48 bisquettes


- Flavor: Ginger Sesame
- Quantity: 48