Fullfld II 3x-9x-40mm BallPlx Nkl
Fullfld II 3x-9x-40mm BallPlx Nkl

Fullfld II 3x-9x-40mm BallPlx Nkl

The Burris Fullfield II scope is an enhanced model of the Fullfield version. It boasts a more forgiving sharpness and eye clarity for positioning fore and aft, and left and right. Using modern alloys and machining techniques the weight has been reduced by 20%-25% without affecting durability or optical performance.

Most scopes have three or four potential leak paths in the eyepiece/power ring area. The Fullfield II has but two. These leak paths are sealed with special quad seals rather than low-tech O-rings. To change magnification, turn the entire eyepiece, which is now integral to the power ring. A European-style adjustable eyepiece is easy to use and requires no locking mechanism.

Burris has moved the adjustment system rearward to better accommodate mounting situations. Also, the eyepiece is shorter, allowing even more mounting flexibility.

This is an ultra-bright varmint/target scope or for long-range big game hunting.

-Power: 3-9
-40mm Clear Objective Diameter
-Reticle: Ballistic Plex
-Color: Nickel
-Field of View 100 Yards: 33 feet (Low) 13 feet (High)
-Exit Pupil: 12.9mm (Low) 4.7mm (High)
-Click Adjustment Value 100 Yards: .25 inches
-Max Adjustment 100 Yards: 50 inches
-Weight: 13 ounces
-Length: 1.2 inches
-1" Tube