FrogLube FrogWipes


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FrogLube FrogWipes

Frog Lube Frog Wipes

  • Non-Toxic USDA Bio-Preferred Weapons Cleaner
  • Lubricates all metal, polymer, wood Parts
  • Absolutely no petroleum, oil or wax in Froglube
  • Protects against rust, carbon, grit. Seasons into the pores, creates a barrier.
  • Cleaner-Lubricant -Protectant, 5-sheets of 8 x 8 Pre-Moistened Wipes
  • The Power of Froglube in a Wipe, Food-Grade Ingredients
  • Eats Rust, Dissolves Carbon, Allows Seasoning into Metal
  • New Cutting Egde, Wipes out the competition, IT JUST WORKS!
  • Can be Cut to Any Size!
  • Very Convenient for in the Field Cleaning at the Range

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