Dead Ringer Beard Buster Univ. SG Sights

Dead Ringer Beard Buster Univ. SG Sights

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If the turkey's head and neck are in the circular orange ring, the turkey is approximately 30-35 yards away—which is within the kill zone range of most shotguns. This gives a hunter another tool to help gauge the distance of his or her target. The base is made of T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum; the orange ring is molded from optical Lexan and incorporates large compass points for trouble-free viewing and easy target acquisition.

This sight is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. The primary objective of this sight is to force the shooter to anchor their position with the correct posture on the weapon during engagement. This serves as a tool for newcomers to the sport and helps seasoned veterans to re-focus on the core principals of shooting when bad habits have taken over.


- Front sight fits many ribbed shotguns
- T-6 aircraft grade aluminum base
- Fully adjustable for windage & elevation
- Optimal for low light


- Style: Standard