Complete Messer-Slvr Bld,Blk Grd,Brn Hndl

Complete Messer-Slvr Bld,Blk Grd,Brn Hndl

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Xtreme Synthetic Sparring Messer-Silver Blade

Our Proline Xtreme Messers are manufactured from the same special blend of high-impact polymer used in the construction of other swords within the Proline Xtreme range.
The Messer was part of the curriculum of several fencing manuals in the 14th and 15th centuries, including Leckchner, Codex Wallerstein and Albrecht Drer.
This Sparring Messer is comprised of the silver sparring messer blade, black messer guard, brown grip and black pommel.

Key Features:

- Silver
- Made in the U.K.
- Blade Length: 29 3/4"