Browning Invector DS 20ga Extended Turkey

Browning Invector DS 20ga Extended Turkey

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Carlsons Invector DS tubes are manufactured from 17-4 heat treated stainless steel to withstand heavy buffered turkey shotshells. These choke tubes produce extra tight patterns with copper plated and buffered lead turkey shotshells. These chokes produce dense patterns and carry a lifetime warranty. The Extended Turkey Chokes extend approximately 1" from the end of the barrel. These chokes have a matte blue finish. These chokes should not be used with steel shot.

Carlsons has found the .665 Extended Turkey Choke Tube to produce the most consistent pattern.


- Fits: Browning 20 Gauge Extended Choke
- Constriction: Turkeu
- Diameter: .580

Note: Not for use with steel shot