Blind Samurai
Blind Samurai

Blind Samurai

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The owner of this sword used to be a blind hiker. He was a peaceful man, but his sword always defended him in case of danger. He overcame his opponents with his abilities and courage. His sword does not comprise a Tsuba and its design reminds of a Shirasaya. Two inconspicuous notches have been added on one side of the handle, always indicating in which direction the edge is pointing. The 1045 carbon steel blade is straight and not traditionally curved. Both handle and sheath are made of wood and have been elaborately painted.

Decorative or collector's sword, not suited for use!


Type: Sword
Total length: 41.3"
Blade length: 28.9"
Blade thickness: 0.20"
Weight: 35.3 oz.
Blade material: 1045
Handle material: Wood
Locking mechanism: Fixed
Color: Red