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$ 998.00

Brand Beretta

This M9A3 does not have a safety. This model has a de-cocker only lever. If you love the Beretta 92 series and you have a lot of money to spend, then you'll love the M9A3! This is one of those handguns that I can easily punch out a bullseye at 10 yards. Meaning all or most rounds are going in the same hole. It's not a light pistol so its perfect for competition shooting when you need a little extra weight to keep the muzzle stable. It does carry well with a sturdy, thick, leather gun belt and low-profile holster. I would stay away from Serpa holsters or any other holster that will cause it to stick out from your side and print on your shirt.

If you are looking for a good duty weapon, this is one of my top choices. I have carried the Beretta 96 version on duty and I love it. Read more about that here if you like.

  • FAMILY: 92 Pistol Series
  •  MODEL: M9A3
  •  TYPE: Semi-Auto Pistol
  •  ACTION: Double / Single Action
  •  FINISH: Full FDE (Flat Dark Earth)
  •  STOCK/FRAME: Alloy Frame
  •  STOCK/GRIPS: Reduced Circumference Panels
  •  SPC FEATURE: Threaded Barrel Model
  •  WEIGHT: 35.2 oz.
  •  CAPACITY: 17+1
  •  BARREL: 4.9"
  • SIGHTS: Removable Night Sights
  •  SAFETY: Decocker Only (G)
  •  ADDL INFO: Three Slot MIL STD Rail
  •  ADDL INFO: Safety-Decocker Lever in Box
  •  ADDL INFO: Includes Wrap-Around Grip
  •  GUN CASE: Unique Ammo Can Packaging

IMPORTANT: Be sure to print out the FFL Transfer Form when purchasing a firearm.