Bbl PH End XT 28"SST Fl209X50 M/L

Bbl PH End XT 28"SST Fl209X50 M/L

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This Stainless Steel barrel offers accuracy and weather resistance with fluting designed to create the strongest lightweight barrel possible. Every Pro Hunter barrel is test fired by the factory at 100 yards to verify accuracy. These barrels are for Encore series rifles only, and will not fit Contender or G2 Contender frames. Drilled and tapped for scope mounts. No gunsmithing required.


- Fit: Encore Pro Hunter Endeavor XT
- Caliber: 209x50
- Length: 28"
- Sights: Fiber Optic, Adjustable Rear (Green), Fixed Front (Red)
- Contour: Heavy
- Material: Steel
- Finish: Weather Shield


- Barrel fits the T/C Model Firearm in the product description only
- Bull barrels have the same diameter for the full length, they do not taper from chamber to muzzle
- Heavy barrels taper from chamber to muzzle, but are of a heavier contour than standard contour barrels
- Barrels without sights are drilled and tapped for scope base mounting