6mm 55gr Varmagddn FBTipped/100
6mm 55gr Varmagddn FBTipped/100

6mm 55gr Varmagddn FBTipped/100

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Over the years, Nosler has built its reputation through the production of quality, consistent, and reliable products for hunters and shooters alike. Built upon bullets such as the ever popular Partition and the Solid Base, Nosler has continuously proven its ability to produce technologically advanced, deadly bullets and ammunition.

Today, Nosler is pleased to announce its production of the new Varmageddon bullets and loaded ammunition. Specifically designed to be the end of the world for any varmint in its path. Available with either a hollow point or polymer tip, this flat based bullet design delivers high velocities and extreme terminal performance on varmints at long ranges. Produced in 7 popular calibers, Varmageddon bullets are sure to meet all your varmint hunting needs.


- Caliber: 6mm
- Bullet Diameter: .243"
- Bullet Weight: 55 Grains
- Bullet Length: 0.750"
- Bullet Style: Tipped Flat Base
- Quantity: 100 Bullets

Ballistics Information:

- Ballistic Coefficient: .252
- Sectional Density: .133

Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition