6" Fish'n Fillet/Sngl Stage Shrpnr/Sheath

6" Fish'n Fillet/Sngl Stage Shrpnr/Sheath

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The original, this series includes four blade sizes, one for every cleaning chore. Progressivley tapered, fulltage baldes of European stainless steel take and hold an ultra-sharp edge. Birch handle and a fine tooled leather Laplander sheath. Includes easy-to-use single-stage sharpener to keep blade razor sharp. Handle: Reinforced Birch/Varnished. Sheath: Genuine Tooled Leather. Blade: Handground European Stainless Steel. Actual blade length may vary slightly due to hand craftsmanship.


- Classic Birch Handle
- Progressively tapered, full-tang blade
- Safety Notch secures tang to brass ferule
- Fine tooled leather sheath


- Single-stage sharpener
- Sheath: Genuine Tooled Leather


- Blade Length: 6"