5.56mm/9mm Defender Series Cleaning Sys.

5.56mm/9mm Defender Series Cleaning Sys.

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The Otis Defender Series gun cleaning system, originally developed for soldiers, is now available for all hunters and shooters. This kit has all the tools needed for proper Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning for your 5.56mm or 9mm gun, including Memory-Flex cable. The Ripcord allows for quick, one-pass cleaning. This cleaning kit is a great investment that can greatly extend the life of your guns' parts.


- Memory-Flex Cable
- Ripcord For A Quick, One-Pass Clean
- All-Purpose Receiver Brush
- Solid Rod Sections
- Bore Brush
- Slotted Tip
- Cleaning Patches


- Fits: 5.56mm/9mm Caliber Firearms