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45 Cal .451 230gr HP/XTP /100


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45 Cal .451 230gr HP/XTP /100
45 Cal .451 230gr HP/XTP /100
XTP pistol bullets continue to set the standard as the bullet of choice for hunters and law enforcement officers who understand the value of a pistol bullet which will perform over a wide range of handgun velocities. Most pistol bullets are designed to work only at a factory specified velocity and a specific range. At these predetermined specifications, the bullets work just fine. But when bullet velocity begins to change, surprises can happen. Many factors cause velocities to change-gun type, barrel length, distance to target, barriers and more. That's why you need a bullet that you can depend on to perform over a wide range of velocities. You need the XTP.

Unlike traditional pistol bullets, XTP bullets are designed to expand with control at a wide range of handgun velocities. They hold together, expand properly and provide the kind of deep, terminal penetration you need for any shooting situation. No other handgun bullet expands with so much control over so wide a range of velocities as the XTP.

- Caliber: 45 (.451")
- Grain: 230
- Bullet: XTP(has tapered jacket)
- Per 100

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