44 Mag./44 Spec/445 SupMag Crbde 3Die Set

44 Mag./44 Spec/445 SupMag Crbde 3Die Set

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Lyman .44 Mag./44 Special/.445 Super Mag. Carbide 3-Die Set

The Lyman was the originator of the Tungsten Carbide (T-C) sizing die and "Multi" concept with the addition of extra seating screws for pistol die sets. Lyman features one piece hardened steel decapping rod and extra seating screws for all popular bullet nose shapes and all steel construction. The Premium Carbide 3-Die Sets include a full length sizing die with carbide sizing ring and decapping unit, a 2-step expander die and a bullet seating die. No sizing lube is required with these carbide dies.


- Lyman Full Length Sizing Die (with Carbide Sizing Ring and One-Piece Decapping Unit)
- 2-Step Expander Die
- Bullet Seating Die (with Roll Crimp)
- Plastic Storage Case


- Material: Steel
- Cartridge: .44 Mag. .44 Special/.445 Super Mag.