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If ever there was a soft plastic that replicates the look, action and strike-prompting attraction of a live minnow, this 10X Tough ElaZtech bait is it. MinnowZ are table fare for the majority of fresh and salt water gamefish. From big lake bass, to back-bay flounder, to sea trout, snook and reds, MinnowZ are making their mark as one of the most universally productive baits in any tackle box.


- Replicates the look, action, and strike-evoking attraction of a live minnow better than any soft bait on the market
- Ideal bait fish imitator for a variety of species, from redfish and trout in saltwater to bass and walleye in freshwater
- Can be rigged on a JigheadZ or weedless on a weighted swimbait hook, thanks to a split dorsal fin that hides the hook point


- Color: Purple/Chartreuse Tail
- Length: 3"
- Quantity: 6 Per/Pack