25 Cal 100gr E-Tip (50 ct)
25 Cal 100gr E-Tip (50 ct)

25 Cal 100gr E-Tip (50 ct)

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Nosler's E-Tip lead-free bullet features the same polycarbonate tip found on the popular AccuBond and Ballistic Tip bullets prevents deformation in the magazine, boosts aerodynamic efficiency, and initiates expansion, a highly concentric gilding metal frame and a precisely formed boat-tail for reduced drag and more down range energy. Specially designed Energy Expansion Cavity allows for immediate and uniform expansion while retaining 95%+ weight for improved penetration. Patent pending alloy reduces fouling while providing superior accuracy and consistent performance. This is not loaded ammunition.


- Caliber: .25
- Bullet Diameter: .257"
- Bullet Weight: 100 Grains
- Bullet Length: 1.195"
- Bullet Style: Spitzer Boat Tail Lead Free
- Quantity: 50 Bullets

Ballistics Information:

- Sectional Density: 0.216
- Ballistics Coefficient: 0.409

Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition