24Mp Trophy Cam HD Aggrsr,Camo No Glow,Bx

24Mp Trophy Cam HD Aggrsr,Camo No Glow,Bx

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The Pre-set menu choices based on location and illuminated 5-way button control panel make these units the best Trophy Cam ever. Field-proven design with a removable “ARD” anti-reflection LED cover, strengthened cable lock channel and an improved latch for maximum ruggedness.

These No-Glow models feature black LEDs that are invisible to both game and other hunters. These models provide stunning images with a super-fast 0.2-second trigger speed, hyper 0.5s recovery rate, extended nighttime photo range and true 1-year battery life. The Trophy Cam HD No Glows are exactly what hunters have been waiting for.


- Lightning fast 0.2s trigger speed
- Incredible 0.5s recovery rate
- 100' Detection Distance
- Pre-set menus and backlit 5-way buttons for easy setup
- Dynamic video
- True one-year battery life for all season scouting
- Unparalleled night vision distance and brightness
- No-Glow Black LEDS: Select Trophy Cam models with No-Glow Black LEDs are totally invisible to game and other hunters. Also ideal for security surveillance.
- HD Video: All Trophy Cams are capable of capturing 720p HD video – with sound – for a brilliant connection to the game you hunt.
- Hybrid Capture Mode: Capture full resolution images and video simultaneously on every trigger.
- Data Stamp: Every image is automatically stamped with day/date, temp and moon phase at time of capture.
- Hyper PIR: Motion sensor reaches out to 60' or beyond and offers dramatically expanded coverage area over leading competitors.
- Multi Flash Mode: Allows you to adjust flash power for different setups to conserve battery power where applicable.
- Freeze Frame Shutter: Night vision shutter speed adjustment for ultimate stop action images.
- Hyper Night Vision: A quantum leap in distance and brightness, this new system ensures that sharpest after-dark imagery.
- GPS Geotag: Every Trophy Cam has the option to automatically embed GPS coordinates to make tracking game movement and camera placement simple.
- Field Scan 2X: Time-lapse technology automatically snaps images at preset intervals of one minute to one hour, within the hours of your choice. Now with two available time slots so you can monitor dusk and dawn movement. Because it’s not triggered by game, it provides the widest viewing area possible. But unlike all other time-lapse cameras, its simultaneous live trigger will still capture images of anything that walks by.


- Color: Camo
- Wireless Connectivity: No
- Resolution Setting: 24 MP
- PIR Sensor: Low/Med/High/Auto
- Night Vision Flash: 48 Black LED / 80'
- LCD Display: Color Viewer
- Date/Time/Temp/Moon Stamp: Yes
- GPS Geotag: Yes
- Power Supply: AA (4-8)
- Solar Compatible: Yes
- Battery Life: Up to 1 Year
- Video Resolution: 1920x1080p
- Video Length: Up to 60s
- SD Card Capacity: 32 GB
- Field Scan 2X: Yes
- Audio Record: Yes
- Hybrid Capture: Yes