22Cal 70Gr Semi Gr Sptz Sp/100

22Cal 70Gr Semi Gr Sptz Sp/100

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If you're looking for controlled expansion bullets that minimize hide damage and brings varmints down hard, we offer several impressive soft point options. Speer soft points feature a Spitzer tip and rapid expansion for impressive performance in the field.


- Caliber: .22 Caliber
- Bullet Diameter: (.224" Diameter)
- Bullet Weight: 70 Grains
- Bullet Type: Semi Spitzer Soft Point (SP)
- Quantity: Per 100

Ballistic Information:

- Ballistic Coefficient: 0.214
- Sectional Density: 0.199
- Diameter, Inches: .224"
- Diameter, mm: 5.69mm

Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition