2211 Compct Wrist Light,Li-Ion,300 Lu,Blk

2211 Compct Wrist Light,Li-Ion,300 Lu,Blk

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SureFire’s 2211 WristLights were originally created for tactical use, but they’re now used for countless professional and personal applications where both hands are needed.

The rechargeable 2211’s specially designed mini reflector shapes a wide, intense MaxVision Beam at three useful output levels. Perfect for a multitude of uses, the rugged 2211 was originally designed for police officers, to align with a pistol when using a two-handed firing grip and illuminate potential threats and throw a 300-lumen wall of blinding light directly in their eyes.


- Fuel Gauge: indicates battery charge level
- MaxVision Beam: is a smooth, broad light pattern perfect for close- to mid-range tasks
- Rechargeable: included battery can be easily recharged


- Peak Beam Intensity: 1,100 Candela
- Distance: 66 Meters
- Construction: High Impact Polymer
- Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion Rechargeable (Integrated)
- Switching: Push Button
- Dimensions: 2.23" x 2" x 1 1/4"
- Weight: 2.3oz
- Color: Black


- High: 300 Lumens and 1 1/2 Hours
- Medium: 60 LiUmens and 4 Hours
- Low: 15 Lumens and 13 Hours