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This size chart is for the non-DOT carbon fiber / kevlar helmets. If you are looking for our DOT helmet size chart, go to the DOT page.

Use a measuring tape. Start about 1" above your eyebrows, start the tape at the center, and measure around your head. Take the measurement in inches, not centimeters or hat sizes. Do it 3 times just to be sure you come up with the same number every time.

Skull Crush Helmets are made for the average oval shaped head. Everyone's head is slightly different. Example: Two people can measure the exact same size although one may need a small and the other may need a medium. This is simply because we are not all shaped exactly the same.

It would be impossible for any helmet company to make a single size chart that would work perfectly for every person. Size charts should be used as a general go by or estimate. There is no guarantee that your helmet will fit you correctly, even if you measure correctly. The size you choose is ultimately your decision.

Carbon Fiber Helmet Sizes:

Medium - up to 22"

Large - up to 23"

XLarge - up to 24"

2X - up to 25"


Carbon Fiber Military Style and German Helmet Sizes:

Medium - up to 22 3/4"

Large - up to 24"

XLarge - 25"


You may exchange your helmet if you discover it does not fit correctly.

How to Use Size Pads