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Q: How long will it take to get my order?

A: It depends on what you ordered. Carbon Fiber helmets are handmade and considered special order items. They are made to order and in high demand. The current wait time is 3-4 months. DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE WAIT TIME! All other items such as T-shirts and DOT Vintage helmets will ship ASAP and will arrive in 1-2 weeks, depending on your location.

Q: Can I get my carbon fiber helmet sooner than 3-4 months?

A: No. We will not rush a helmet for any reason. Nothing is more important than quality. If you are impatient, you should shop elsewhere for a cheaper mass produced helmet. 

Q: Are the Carbon Fiber helmets DOT approved?

A: No. They are extremely low-profile and were never intended to be “DOT approved”. They are completely different from DOT helmets in almost every way. If you need a DOT helmet, we offer 3/4 open face style helmets.

Q: Why are the carbon fiber helmets not DOT approved.

A: Please re-read the previous answer. They are not supposed to be DOT helmets. Why is a pickup truck not an airplane? It was never intended to be.

Q: How do I measure for a helmet?

A: See the for carbon fiber helmet size chart or see the DOT helmet size chart

Q: Can I make a return?

A: Yes, but not with custom painted helmets. click here for the Return Form.

Q: Can I make an exchange if my helmet doesn't fit?

A: Yes, but not with custom painted helmets. click here for the Exchange Form.

Q: Are the carbon fiber helmets made in the U.S.A?

A: Yes. All parts, materials, and labor associated with the carbon fiber helmets are 100% American as well.

Q: Are the DOT helmets made in the U.S.A?

A: No. However, all custom paint work on the DOT’s is done at Skull Crush, Fort Worth, Texas.

Q: When will my credit card be charged?

A: Immediately upon placing your order. Keep in mind, if you are ordering a carbon fiber or custom helmet, there will be a wait. Your item will be made in the order in which it was placed. If you have a problem with waiting for your item or you are not patient, do not place an order.

Q: Do you have pictures of different colors?

A: Yes, click here to view our Instagram pics.