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We have 2 categories of FAQ's.

1. Firearm FAQ's
2. Helmet FAQ's

Category 1 / Firearm FAQ's

Q: How do I buy a firearm on your website?

A: Click the "ADD TO CART" button on any product page. When you are ready to checkout, click the "CART" button located on the upper right hand corner of the page. Proceed through the checkout process. Be sure to print out the FFL Transfer Form. You will need to give it to whichever FFL / dealer you use to receive your firearm.

Q: What if my firearm is not in stock when I order it?

A: Your payment will still be processed immediately. Your firearm will ship the moment it becomes available. As a benefit for placing a pre-order or backorder, you get free shipping and other free Skull Crush branded gear. We work diligently with gun manufacturers to get updated ship dates on any firearm that we are waiting on. We will keep you updated via email in regards to an ETA for your firearm.

Category 2 / Helmet FAQ's

Q: How long will it take to get my helmet order?

A: It depends on what you ordered. Carbon Fiber helmets are handmade and considered special order items. They are made to order and in high demand. The current wait time is 3-4 months. DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE WAIT TIME! All other items such as T-shirts and DOT Vintage helmets will ship ASAP and will arrive in 1-2 weeks, depending on your location.

Q: Can I get my carbon fiber helmet sooner than 3-4 months?

A: No. We will not rush a helmet for any reason. Nothing is more important than quality. If you are impatient, you should shop elsewhere for a cheaper mass produced helmet. 

Q: Are the Carbon Fiber helmets DOT approved?

A: No. They are extremely low-profile and were never intended to be “DOT approved”. They are completely different from DOT helmets in almost every way. If you need a DOT helmet, we offer 3/4 open face style helmets.

Q: Why are the carbon fiber helmets not DOT approved.

A: Please re-read the previous answer. They are not supposed to be DOT helmets. Why is a pickup truck not an airplane? It was never intended to be.

Q: How do I measure for a helmet?

A: See the for carbon fiber helmet size chart or see the DOT helmet size chart

Q: Can I make a return?

A: Yes, but not with custom painted helmets. click here for the Return Form.

Q: Can I make an exchange if my helmet doesn't fit?

A: Yes, but not with custom painted helmets. click here for the Exchange Form.

Q: Are the carbon fiber helmets made in the U.S.A?

A: Yes. All parts, materials, and labor associated with the carbon fiber helmets are 100% American as well.

Q: Are the DOT helmets made in the U.S.A?

A: No. However, all custom paint work on the DOT’s is done at Skull Crush, Fort Worth, Texas.

Q: When will my credit card be charged?

A: Immediately upon placing your order. Keep in mind, if you are ordering a carbon fiber or custom helmet, there will be a wait. Your item will be made in the order in which it was placed. If you have a problem with waiting for your item or you are not patient, do not place an order.

Q: Do you have pictures of different colors?

A: Yes, click here to view our Instagram pics.