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Mod Zero Gloves

$ 44.00

Brand Skull Crush Inc.

Skull Crush Mod Zero gloves were designed for weapon operators that prefer a natural color over traditional black gloves. Every inch of these gloves were thoughtfully engineered to maintain complete hand and finger dexterity. The Skull Crush Mod Zero glove seems to melt around the user's hand, in the most comfortable way. The exterior is made of the finest leather available and sourced from Texas. Additional leather, padding, and stitching protects the knuckles, palms, and vulnerable areas of the fingers. The fingers were designed and tested to fit within trigger guards without complications. Special design consideration was given to the trigger finger area to maintain a proper trigger feel. All potential impact points were given additional durability. In short, Skull Crush Mod Zero Gloves were completely over-engineered to create the most comfortable, functional, and durable glove on the market. 

Skull Crush Gloves function equally well as protective motorcycle gloves. The finger dexterity of Mod Zero gloves is perfect for operating clutch and brake levers. 

Available in sizes medium, large, and XL. Sold as a pair.

  • Diamond Stitching
  • Padded knuckle and finger areas
  • Ultra smooth interior 
  • Premium grade leather
  • 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.

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