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Black Edition Crusher

$ 152.00

Brand Skull Crush Inc.

This is definitely not your typical assembly line helmet. The Crusher helmet is totally handcrafted. The Black Edition Crusher is solid gloss black over authentic Kevlar & Carbon Fiber. All parts, materials, and labor associated with this helmet are 100% American. The Black Edition comes with a uniquely branded helmet bag. This helmet package makes the perfect gift.

This helmet package is available for a limited time only.


We spare no expense when it comes to quality paint and materials. We exclusively use House of Kolor brand base coat as well as 2 layers of clear coat. House of Kolor is the standard for custom show car and motorcycle paint. The Black edition Crusher helmet is prepped, painted, and polished to perfection using the exact same method as our custom motorcycle paint jobs. Our painter is a master at his craft, with over 20 years experience.

The white glare shown in the helmet photo is the reflection from studio lighting. 


  • Non-DOT
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Kevlar / Carbon Fiber Shell
  • Memory Foam Interior
  • Heavy Gauge Nylon Straps
  • Two Memory Foam Size Pads
  • Lightweight (approximately 1 pound)
  • Aerodynamic
  • Steel Belted Rubber Trim
  • Solid Gloss Black Paint
  • Skull Crush Helmet Bag Included
  • Steel D-Rings

Lead Time

The normal wait time for this handcrafted helmet is 3 months. DO NOT ORDER IF THE WAIT TIME IS A PROBLEM FOR YOU. Quality is our number 1 priority, not quantity. We will not rush a helmet for any reason. Each and every helmet is given a massive amount of attention to detail. Skull Crush helmets are the pinnacle of perfection. Calling or emailing to "check the status", or "see when it will ship" will not help to get your helmet completed any faster. 

Terms & Conditions

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If I am agreeing to this release as a purchaser but not user of the product purchased from Skull Crush Inc., then addition to the foregoing release, I agree, indemnify and hold harmless Skull Crush Inc. from and against any and all liability claims, actions, demands, and judgements which may arise out of or in any way could arise out of the wearing or using any product from Skull Crush Inc.

By completing a purchase from Skull Crush Inc., I certify that I have carefully read this release and understand all its terms. I complete this purchase voluntarily and with full knowledge of its legal consequences.