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The Skull Crush Gun Belt is 100% handcrafted in Texas. Made from the finest leather available. The Skull Crush Gun belt was specifically designed to support the weight your concealed carry or open carry weapon. This belt will eliminate the feeling of a  constant tug, normally associated with inferior belts. This belt is thick, sturdy, and the perfect width for Skull Crush OWB and IWB holsters. The width of this belt is 1.5 inches and will fit through standard size pant belt loops such as jeans, 5.11 Tactical pants, and slacks.

Not only does the Skull Crush Gun Belt function perfectly for CCW purposes, it also looks just as good as a dress belt. Every square inch of this belt was meticulously crafted by experienced hands. Each and every belt is made one at a time, for a superior level of quality. It may look like other belts from a distance, but every dimension was carefully and intentionally designed with concealed carry and comfort in mind.

Instead of traditional 1 inch spaced belt holes, we space the belt holes 1/2" apart. This method allows the user to make fine adjustments with their belt fitment. The ability to finely tune your belt becomes useful when carrying handguns of various widths. For example; your optimal fit with the 1911 could be at the # 4 belt hole and the optimal fit for your P226 might be at the # 5 belt hole. Skull Crush Gun Belts will allow you to make small incremental adjustments for your own perfect level of comfort.

Concealed Carry with Comfort

Inspiration for this belt came from the need to support heavier handguns such as a steel frame 1911, without the discomfort or pulling sensation on the waist. The Skull Crush Gun Belt easily supports full size, steel framed handguns with all-day comfort, confidence, and perfect performance. 


Order 5 sizes larger than your best fitting pants. For example; If you wear a size 32 in your favorite pair of jeans, order a size 37 belt. This will allow the perfect amount of slack to accommodate an IWB holster configuration as well as OWB. If you go by this sizing method, you won't have to go through the trouble of doing a size exchange. 

The Skull Crush Gun Belt was featured in Guns & Ammo Magazine.

Wait Time & Disclaimer 

Each belt is made to order on a first come first serve basis. Allow 1 month to manufacture and ship. All sales are final on made to order items such as this.