OWB Holster for CZ P-10 C
OWB Holster for CZ P-10 C
OWB Holster for CZ P-10 C
OWB Holster for CZ P-10 C
Best OWB Holster for CZ P-10C
Best Outside the Waistband Holster for CZ P-10C
Low Profile Best Holster for CZ P-10C
Leather and Kydex Holster for CZ P-10C

OWB Holster for CZ P-10 C / 4.02" barrel

Regular price $ 119.00

  • Holster specifically molded from the CZ P10c with 4.02" barrel
  • Carbon Fiber Shell
  • Leather Interior - protects the finish, silent draw and reholster
  • Low Profile - Concealed the CZ P10c perfectly!
  • Durable - Guaranteed for life / 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Handcrafted One at a Time - for superior quality
  • Made in the USA

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