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Customized Ruger AR-556

I purchased a bone stock Ruger AR-556 during the time when everyone thought Hilary was going to win the election. Prices were a little higher back then. I paid a little over $700. Prices are currently hovering around $650 or so as of March 2017. I knew from the get go, I was not going to leave it in its factory configuration.Here's what it looked like before my modifications. This black AR-556 actually belongs to my friend Will. I took these pics the same day we zeroed both rifles in. I thought it would be good to take a pic of both rifles to show the difference between a factory stock AR and a customized one. I noticed Will's rifle...

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Review on Beretta 96 Vertec with Wilson Combat Upgrades

This is not my current duty weapon but, at some point during my career, I carried a standard all black Beretta 96. Working evenings, I finally decided to purchase night sights. I found out that the stock sights were permanent on my particular model. Trijicon makes a type that actually covers up the permanent sights. Putting these on would raise my sight height a little. I wasn't too hip on that. My father who owned a Beretta 96 Vertec Inox, generously offered to trade guns with me. The 96 Vertec is the same caliber but, with modern features such as removable sights, a rail, and a slimmer grip with a different angle. I took him up on his offer. His...

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5 Year Review on the Ruger SR1911

Year One I was one of the first to to get my hands on the Ruger's first 1911 pistol when it hit the gun stores in January 2012. I paid the Law Enforcement price of $569.95 before tax. I picked mine up from GT Distributors Inc. in Dallas. As of January 2017, the going street price is around $880. I own several 1911's and I love them all for different reasons. I wanted this particular gun because it was the first 1911 manufactured by Ruger. The second reason was the price. Back in 2012, even without Law Enforcement pricing, a civilian could own one for around $600-700 if I remember correctly. In 2012 I wasn't carrying the SR1911 for duty...

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