Sig Sauer P320 Compact Post Voluntary Upgrade Review

Sig Sauer P320 Compact Post Voluntary Upgrade Review

Sig Sauer P320 Voluntary Upgrade (Recall)

We've all heard about Sig's voluntary upgrade of the P320 by now. I was disappointed to hear how one of my new favorite firearms had a serious. On November 8th, 2017 I received an email from Sig Sauer along with a shipping label to send in my P320 for the Voluntary Upgrade. The email stated the wait time would be 4-6 weeks. I sent my P320 Compact to Sig Sauer and received it back in less than 2 weeks.

Post "Voluntary Upgrade"

When dry firing, I could immediately tell it was lighter. I don't have a trigger scale but, it feels about 1 pound lighter. The trigger is less bulky looking but is still metal. I fired about 150 rounds through it and I was completely satisfied. I could shoot tight groups with the P320 before the upgrade but now my groups are even tighter. It seems this Voluntary Upgrade turned out to be a good thing! I like the post voluntary upgrade P320's so much, I ordered another P320 Compact in black and an X-Carry.

Best Outside the Waistband Holster for the P320 Compact

For new shooters or new CHL holders, "EDC" is an acronym for every day carry. CCW stands for concealed carry weapon. I'll name a few of my past EDC guns. My first was a Beretta 85 Cheetah, then I carried a S&W 38 Special with a 2" barrel, Ruger LC9, Glock 19, and now my Sig Sauer P320 Compact. My EDC is a different my everyday duty gun, which is currently an HK VP9. An EDC is something usually something comfortable and lightweight to wear on your person all day, everyday. I emphasize the word usually because some people prefer a full size pistol like a 1911. For me, my ideal carry is a combination of three things; size, weight, and magazine capacity. Some refer to magazine capacity as firepower. All this is a matter of opinion and there is no hard rule or set standard in regards to what defines a great a EDC. As long as you actually carry it everyday, you can consider almost any pistol your EDC. Let us discuss why my new favorite EDC weapon is Sig Sauer P320 Compact.


I won't go into the nerdy specifics and numbers on weight. You can just go to Sig Sauer for that info anyway. Besides, the numbers don't mean a thing if a gun doesn't carry well, meaning fit comfortably on your body. For years before my P320, I carried a Glock 19 off-duty. The G19 is not too big, not to heavy, and feels unobtrusive when worn with an IWB holster. It has a rail if I ever decide to attach my light, although I never use one for EDC. The P320 has all the above benefits that my Glock 19 has.

Watch the video below to see how I dropped an ounce of carry weight just by changing ammo. 



The G19 and P320 are just about equal in size. The P320 slide is actually fractions of an inch wider than the G19 but, I don't notice the difference when carrying it. The P320 barrel is just under 4 inches so it doesn't reach too far when holstered. In contrast, my full size 1911 barrel bottoms out on the car seat when I sit down causing the grip area to move in uncomfortable directions against my body. The grip on the P320 is just large enough to get a good grip but, not so big that it prints on my shirts. Printing is when someone can see the imprint of your gun through your shirt. The most common print problem is from a long grip that sticks out when you sit down or bend over to pick something up. The P320 doesn't cause any printing issues for me. I don't wear tight t-shirts but, even if I did, a good IWB holster will hide the P320 very well at the 4 or 5 o'clock position. 


There's just something cozy about knowing I have 16 rounds of 124 grain hollow point at my disposal. I've heard a couple of YouTubers say that they don't need more than 5 or 6 rounds because it's not likely that they're going to get into a sustained gun battle or get attacked by zombies and such. Thats fine for anyone that relies on that logic but, I train to fire fast and hard. If you've seen our range videos, you know we do plenty of double and triple taps at steel targets. So, I like the 15 round magazine capacity of the P320 compact. Plus, I always carry an addition 15 round magazine in a single OWB magazine holster, carried on my left side, at the 10 or 11 o'clock position. 


My P320 Compact doesn't pull down my belt. As mentioned earlier, I wear my P320 compact in a IWB holster when I know I'm going to be sitting down for extended periods. I carry my P320 in an OWB holster when I know I'm going to be doing plenty of walking or standing. I do wear a high quality gun 1.5 inch gun belt specifically designed for concealed carry. It never feels too heavy. It never digs into my kidney area who I sit down. I barely notice that I'm carrying a medium sized pistol when I'm carrying the P320 and when I do, it actually feels good. Sure, this good feeling is mostly emotional and not physical. You'll understand when when you've trained extensively with your EDC weapon and it's a perfect fit for you, in every way.

High Quality OWB Holster for Sig Sauer P320 Compact



The Sig P320 Compact is really easy to field strip and clean. I put a step by step video together so you can see just how easy it is. Please click the thumbs up button if you find it helpful. Also, subscribe to the Skull Crush Inc. YouTube Channel if you enjoy our free content.




The fact is, everyone is different. Different body shapes, different shooting styles, different personalities. Even aesthetics play a part in choosing an EDC weapon. Think about it. You certainly didn't pick your spouse based solely on their personality traits or good habits. You were initially attracted to their looks. The Sig Sauer P320 certainly doesn't fall short in the looks department. 


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