H&K VP9 Definitely a Good Decision

H&K VP9 Definitely a Good Decision

Heckler and Koch VP9

I had been thinking about buying the Heckler & Koch VP9 for at least a year. It got to the point where I was thinking about everyday. I don't know why I was fixated on this particular pistol. I shoot plenty of awesome weapons all the time. Some people smoke a cigarette or have a drink when they're stressed. Not me. I binge shop online when I get frustrated or stressed. I don't remember exactly which incident set it off but, I had one of those work days that made me want to buy something to make myself feel better. So, I soothed my nerves buy ordering an H&K VP9. As soon as I clicked the submit order button, I felt better immediately. 

I love the FDE and OD green frames that H&K offers in the VP9 but, I had a feeling I may want to carry this one on duty one day. I'm not sure if my department would have anything to say about an FDE or OD green gun in my holster. It doesn't exactly match well with the uniform. John Wick had an all black VP9 so that's cool enough for me. When I opened the box I certainly wasn't disappointed. Wow! This gun looks amazing in and out of it's case. The H&K VP9 is ridiculously sexy.

The first thing I did was field strip it. I didn't read the owner's manual. It's simple enough if you have handled Sig Sauers, Berettas, or similar semi-auto pistols. However, I did notice that the slide comes to a stop at a certain point as you are moving it forward towards the muzzle end to remove it. You can apply pressure downwards and continue pulling the slide off or just pull the trigger. Either method works. The same thing occurs when reassembling the weapon. Just pull the trigger to easily get the slide back on. No big deal. Anyways, I used Frog Lube to thoroughly clean out all the factory grease and lubricate the VP9. The factory grease on the VP9 left it's gun case slightly oily. I noticed that when I put my freshly cleaned gun back in the case and pulled it back out, it was oily again. I used a clean towel to blot out all the factory lubricant from the VP9 case then left it out to dry overnight. Problem solved. Now I have a clean H&K gun and gun case.

The VP9 comes with the medium sized grips installed. It feels just right in my hands, so thats the way it will stay. The stippling on the grips is more than sufficient. On a side note, a buddy of mine told me he paid $200 for the stippling job on his Glock. I don't like the idea of paying that much to improve the grips but, I will if I like a gun enough. Thats another story. Lets press onward. The finger groves work well for my hands. I wear a size large in gloves, to give you a point of reference in regards to my hand size and the medium sized VP9 grips. In other words, if you wear a size large in gloves, you'll probably be just fine with the medium size grips.

I've been carrying a 1911 on duty for a while now and I've developed a quick muscle memory sight alignment for that particular gun. When doing a quick drawl and trying to align the sights on the VP9, I noticed that I have to consciously tilt the muzzle up just a tad, to compensate for the different grip angle. Definitely no fault of the VP9. Everything about the VP9's ergonomics is perfect. It's just that I am used to training with the 1911. 

I purchased a low-profile OWB holster for my VP9 and wore it out to dinner recently. The holster did a fine job of concealing a pistol of this size. Don't kid yourself, the full size VP9 is not the perfect concealed carry gun. It doesn't print much on my t-shirt and nobody knows I'm packing' but, the thick grip digs into my side a little. I only feel it when sitting down. It's not terribly uncomfortable or heavy but, I definitely don't forget it's there. I like the VP9 so much, I will just tolerate the larger size when I feel like carrying it. I read the dimensions before I purchased it, so I knew what I was getting into. No big deal. I will make another attempt to conceal carry the VP9 with an IWB holster at a later date. I'll report back when I do. For now, my daily off-duty carry gun will continue to be the Glock 19. 

I chose the regular luminescent sights on my VP9 because the tritium sights that some shops are selling them with are not exactly what I want for night sights. I prefer a fiber optic / tritium combination setup from Truglo. I'll wait until I test an IWB holster with the VP9 before I invest in the Truglo sights. If I'm not going to be carrying it on a regular basis, I doubt I'll put anymore money into it. Besides, a bone stock VP9 comes factory awesome, right out of the box. The luminescent dots on my VP9 glow brightly during the day and at dusk, which is when I'm usually at the range. For now, my VP9 will only be used at the range or when I want to walk around and feel sexy.

Everyone raves about how great the VP9 trigger is so I won't waste too much time on that topic. I will say that this particular H&K definitely lives up to the hype. The VP9 has a fantastic trigger. Thats not an opinion. It's a fact. 

As far as accuracy goes, I would put it on par with my Glock 19. I had no trouble hitting a steel gong at 50 yards. I'm still not totally used to shooting the VP9 so I won't draw any hard conclusions on it's accuracy yet. At 10 yards or so, I was hoping to be able to put multiple rounds in the same hole. I wasn't able to do that. My groups were good but, not excellent. Probably just me, not the gun. I was using brass Sellier and Bellot 115 grain ammo. I haven't ran any other type of ammo through it yet. More on that subject at a later date. As a matter of fact, I plan on updating this post every time I try something new with my VP9. This will be an evolving and long term review on the H&K VP9.

I've heard mixed reviews on the mag release lever of the VP9. I have no idea why anyone wouldn't love that mag release. H&K was absolutely brilliant with this feature. There's no need to "get used to it". It feels completely natural and ergonomic to hit either side of the ambidextrous magazine release when you need to drop the mag in a hurry. It also seems to work well when wearing gloves. 

I put about 200 rounds of Sellier & Bellot brass through my VP9 so far. I haven't had any hint of a malfunction but, my buddy was shooting it and the slide didn't lock back after the last round. I don't know why or what happened to cause that hiccup but, that was the only time I saw that issue. Perhaps the gun was breaking in or maybe my buddy limp wristed it on the last round. Who knows? I took it home, cleaned it, took it back to the range, and put 50 more rounds through it. No more issues to report. I will be shooting it much more in the near future.

I like all my pistols but, there's definitely something special about the H&K VP9. For me, it's not the most accurate and not the most comfortable to carry. It is however, very comfortable once it's in my hand and one of the best looking pistols I've ever seen. I can shoot it fast and hard. It would make a perfect duty carry pistol and I may be switching out my 1911 for the VP9 in the future.

Excellent work Heckler & Koch!