Custom Springfield Model 67 Series E 12 Gauge Shotgun

Custom Springfield Model 67 Series E 12 Gauge Shotgun

Pistol Grip Springfield Model 67 Series E

I inherited a Springfield Model 67 Series E 12 gauge shotgun from my Grandfather many years ago. I left it in original factory configuration for a few years before changing the butt stock and forend. I replaced the wood furniture with a polymer pistol grip, a different forend, and added a single point sling.

I already had a couple of 12 gauge long guns and decided to customize the Springfield 67 for two reasons. I wanted to change the look and I wanted a 12 gauge in a more concealable size. By “concealable” I don’t mean trying to hide it in a trench coat or anything like that. I mean something I can stash away easier. This smaller 12 gauge would make a great travel gun, boat gun, or even a great horseback gun when tucked in a scabbard.

Im not sure what the new forend is made out of. It’s harder than regular rubber but doesn't seem very plastic-like. Its very grippy and I consider it a major improvement, both cosmetically and in functionality.

There are no aftermarket parts available for the Springfield Model 67 Series E but, my gunsmith picked up the pistol grip and forend off his shelves. I believe they were for a Remington Model 870 but, he somehow made the new furniture fit after about 5 minutes of gunsmithing. I don’t know exactly what he did to make it fit but, everything matches up perfectly and feels solid.

I ordered a Mission First Tactical Single Point Sling to add to the pistol grip. This works great for pistol / shotgun transitions. It has a bungee portion that flexes if you pull it hard enough. It feels more comfortable than other non-bungee slings that I own. I run both single and double point slings in different weapons that I own. For the pistol grip shotgun and for the sub-machine gun, an MFT Single Point Sling is the way to go.

Since I wont be sticking this shotgun up to may face to aim, theres no point in improving the traditional bead sight. I’ll just leave it as is. The Springfield Model 67 in pistol grip configuration, fits perfectly in any shotgun scabbard. I keep my loaded with less-lethal rounds just as a less deadly force option. It’s good to have options.

Thanks to Mission First Tactical for the awesome gear you see in the photo!