Best Holster for the VP9SK

Best Holster for the VP9SK

Our store was one of the first to get a hold of the new HK VP9SK. I am a huge fan of the VP series so naturally, I kept one of the SK's for myself. I always go for a good run and gun session with a new pistol before deciding if I like enough to carry it off-duty. And yes, of course I liked it. The VP9SK is just like my full size VP9 but in fun size!

Best holster for VP9SK

Lets start with what I don't like from most concealed carry IWB holsters. I don't like when the end of the pistol grip digs into my kidney area. This usually isn't any particular gun's fault. This is caused when when a IWB holster is carries a large pistol at the 4 or 5 o'clock position. When I sit down in a car, my hip and the seat pushes outward on the muzzle end. This leverage causes the grip end to push inward, into my body. I can usually readjust by moving the gun back or forward but, I would rather not have to adjust anything. I just want to strap on my pistol and go.

Now lets discuss why I love this new holster and gun combination. The VP9SK is still the same width as the standard VP9 but, with a shorter grip and barrel length. Being that the VP9SK is not exactly low-profile or thin, a slim fitting holster is a must have. I had a Ron make a new leather lined Kydex IWB holster for my new HK VP9SK. I opted for the OD Green with an FDE belt clip. I love the leather lined Kydex holsters I have for my full size VP9. I have both an OWB and an IWB version. The main reason I like this holster is because it has proven that it does not scratch or wear down the finish on my gun. My off-duty gun comes in and out of the holster at the beginning and end of the day, everyday. I use to a traditional all Kydex holster on my Glock 19 and noticed some wear on the slide after a while. I dismissed it as "Oh well, its a tool". The truth is, I take pride in my gun ownership and I don't like my guns looking beat up. Working tool or not, good guns cost good money. 

Best Holster for VP9

This leather/Kydex hybrid holster retains all the benefits of a full Kydex holster but, doesn't have any of the negative attributes associated with Kydex wearing down the gun finish. The Kydex exterior of this holster slips on easily, quickly, and hassle-free. I've learned to put the holster on muscle-memory. I don't have to look at the clip as I put it on. I just pull the end of the holster clip outward, push the holster down the inside of my pants and go. It takes me about 2 seconds.

Another benefit of this leather lined holster is its stealth unholstering. Unlike a full Kydex holster, when I unholster my VP9SK, it glides out smoothly and quietly from the leather interior. When I walk around, nothing rattles. The VP9SK is 100% completely quiet coming in and out of the leather lining.

Most comfortable holster for VP9SK

Notice the location where the holster clip is installed on this holster. It is positioned below the trigger guard instead of directly on the side of the gun. This makes for a very low-profile holster with virtually no shirt imprint and complete concealment. This holster never causes my VP9SK to dig into my side. It's so comfortable I never have to adjust it and it makes the VP9SK feel like it weighs much less than it actually does. 

Single OWB magazine holster for VP9SK

The only negative I see with the VP9SK is the 10 round factory mag capacity. I solved this problem immediately. Since the full size VP9 magazines work with the VP9SK, I also carry an OWB single magazine holster with a full size VP9 15 round mag. The mag holster has the same awesome attributes as the the gun holster such as a leather interior and Kydex exterior shell. It is extremely low-profile and fits close to my body.

rear view of VP9SK magazine holster

So there it is folks. My new favorite off-duty / concealed carry setup. This holster is available in both IWB and OWB versions. Use the Contact Us page if you have any questions about this holster. I'm always happy to help.Take care and utilize your Second Amendment rights.

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