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Custom Painted Helmet Tutorial Book

Back on 9/22/14, I sent the following email to the Skull Crush Newsletter subscribers: 

"I get quote requests everyday for custom painted helmets. The fact is, custom paint jobs are expensive and not everyone has the excess or disposable income for this extra service.

I want to make it possible for all riders to have a totally personalized and customized helmet.

My question is would you be interested in reading a short instructional book on how we paint our helmets? I would cover topics such as; What materials and equipment are needed, what brand of paint we use, and where to get it as well as everything else that goes along with the painting process.

If enough people respond to this email, I will start the writing process. I would make it available in ebook format so people can access the info from their phone or computer at anytime. I would probably price it at something insignificant such as 99 cents, just to cover the production/distribution costs and such.

Please let me know what you think."

Out of over 6,000 subscribers, about 100 people relied to my email blast. I was hoping for more responses to make make writing this custom helmet paint book worth writing, but what the heck. I figure if 100 people showed enough interest in my custom paint work, then I'll write this book just for them. Hopefully more people will purchase the book later. 

Yes, I could just add a How to Paint Helmets blog post, but I actually want to be a book author and get compensated (even if its just a few cents per book) for my time and effort. Let's face it, this is America and last I checked, American capitalism is alive and well. I actually have a series of how to type ebooks on the back burner. I will use the How To Paint Custom Helmet book and get my feet wet in the new self publishing world.

I certainly don't consider myself an expert in writing, but I do know my way around a paint booth. So, I'm going to keep this book simple. I plan on leaving out all the boring technical jargon and get straight to the point on how to paint a helmet. Besides, all the technical info you could ever want already comes with the paint products. The paint supply stores also have a wealth of specifications and technical information.

As of today, I am in the middle of moving. Me and the family are living out of suitcases for the next few weeks or at least until the new house is completed. As soon as we get settled, I will start the writing process. I'll pick a paint theme and get to work on the featured helmet for the book. I'll be doing my own photography with my Canon 7D. I'm not sure how to format pics within an ebook, but I guess it's time to learn. if you want me to keep you updated on the progress of my Custom Painted Tutorial, subscribe to the Skull Crush Newsletter at bottom of this page.

Thanks for reading!


Update: The helmet paint book is now available on Amazon!

October 10, 2014 by Ralph Rodriguez
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