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Why Aren't They DOT?

I get this question almost everyday. "If the carbon fiber helmets are so good, why aren't they DOT approved"? Well, the short answer is, they're not supposed to be. Sometimes I answer the question by opposing another, "Why isn't a Honda Civic a Chevy pickup"? The Honda wasn't meant to be a Chevy and the Chevy wasn't meant to be a Honda.

Our carbon fiber helmet lineup was designed for those who do not want a DOT helmet, but want to wear something made of quality materials while maintaining a low-profile look. They are made using the two best materials available but, are made completely different from DOT specifications. Our carbon fiber helmets are sold as universal use helmets, not necessarily "motorcycle helmets".

For the people who still insist on a DOT helmet, we have those too. The best part about our DOT helmets is, they don't have to be made to order. They are already completely assembled, painted, and ready to ship.

September 16, 2014 by David Franklin
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